Active Projects

Girls in Engineering is a summer camp for middle school girls. It has been run under the umbrella of the Educational Partnership Center since 2006. GiE is now being run by the Baskin School of Engineering and is being revised to align it with the engineering programs at UCSC. For more information please visit


UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering is proud to be taking a leading role in the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award - Bay Area Affiliate.aspirations logo



With funding from the National Science Foundationa we have created the ACCESS Scholarship Program and Living/Learning Community.

UCSC is one of the NCWIT Pacesetters organizations which is working to increase the number of women in computing and IT related careers.

Back Burner

The idea of Literate Programming was first proposed and a system developed by Donald Knuth in the early 80's. The seminal article on this topic is "Literate Programming" published in The Computer Journal in May 1984. I have been working (slowly) on a system that combines WYSIWYG editing, concepts from folding editors, documentation systems like JavaDoc, and Literate Programming.